Life is full of change. The challenge is whether to embrace it and adapt.

Jerena is the author behind The Prophecy saga, winner of the 2020 Canada Book Awards and Independent Press Award, 2020 Distinguished Favourite, Historical Fiction Series. The Prophecy is also a 2020 Finalist in Next Generation Indie Press Awards, Series (Fiction). Individually, The Emerald (Book II of The Prophecy) is a 2021 Finalist in the Hemingway Book Awards for 20th Century Wartime Fiction, and The Destiny (Book III of The Prophecy) is the winner of the Readers’ Favorite 2020 Bronze Medal for Historical Fiction. A Readers’ Favorite 5-star  review has also been awarded to each of the three books.  The saga spans over 70 years, and is a story of war, prejudice, migration, crime, love, and heartbreak. Each story is an intriguing, fast moving, historical fiction written from the perspective of the people involved.

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