Designing a website is not for the weak of heart, especially me. I have no aptitude for it and must rely on others who are better equipped. A year ago, I relied on someone to create a website for me, and, more recently, I’ve relied on someone to help me upgrade its presence.

That said, I have learned to work within the website, including posting photos, writing blogs, editing. With this recent upgrade, however, I struggled to find a cover photo that suited current needs.

Selecting a Photo

I wanted the photo to reflect me, because the page is about me and my accomplishments, after all. I also wanted it to reflect my recent work. My first cover photo was of a sunrise. I have a soft spot for sunrises and thought that the photo I had selected represented me quite well. However, in the past year, most about me and my website has changed.

cover photo

A year ago, I was a writer with 3 manuscripts. In the past year, my manuscripts have been edited, two have been typeset, and one has been completed and published. The simple blogs that I’ve written documenting the process became outdated in their form. My cover photo and design no longer reflected my accomplishments.

Where to Find Photos

As I continued to improve components of my website, I realized I needed to replace the cover photo. I searched Pixabay and Pexels. I even scanned all of the photos that I’ve taken in the past ten years. For a short time, my cover photo was of Köln (or Cologne), Germany, after the bombings during World War II.

cover photoIn my first novel, some of my characters survive World War II Germany, and I thought that might do. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I could do better. I wanted a photo that reflected me, and the characters in my novel The Crest.

Finally, I settled on a photograph taken by my husband when we toured the Polish province of Silesia in 2016. The overcast day was reflected in a small lake. A duck nearby suddenly took flight, but it didn’t climb to any height. It skittered across the water, dragging its feet, slowly lifting away. When my eyes fell on the photo, my needs became clear.

cover photo

Interpretting a Photo

The photo reflects a sense of quiet and still. I recalled the feeling of calm that had embraced me at the time that photo was taken.

The photo also reflects movement – upward and forward. I see that movement in my characters. Each generation is instilled with that. My characters are strong, determined individuals who are prepared to meet the challenges set before them, and they use their experiences to rise above any oppression that threatens to swallow them. They never give up or give in. They consider their options and move upward and forward.

When you read my novel The Crest, you will understand why Silesia is also a key to the selection of the cover photo. That is where my story begins.

I hope you agree with my selection. The cover photo may change when I launch the next novel in The Prophecy saga, The Emerald in 2019, and then again when my third novel The Destiny is launched later in 2019.

For now, I think the photo of a duck taking flight over a lake in Silesia works well.

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