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On March 9th, 2019, I shared the company of great, local talent at The Variety Hour hosted by Vincenza’s Angels. While some danced, sang songs, shared humorous anecdotes, or animated poetry, I just read.

Variety Hour, March 9, 2019 Photo provided by Vincenza's Angels
Variety Hour, March 9, 2019 Photo provided by Vincenza’s Angels

The fundraiser was for the benefit of The Heart and Stroke Foundation. My material included a short story called In the Absence of Rain, that speaks of heart disease and the effects of a stroke, and a poem in memory of my grandfather called New Gumboots.

During the intermission, everyone was invited to bid on items donated for a silent auction. I bid on two. Imagine everyone’s surprise – especially mine – when it was announced at the end of the evening that my bid was the highest, for both items!

The Variety Hour was, in my opinion, fun and successful. Not only was the audience treated to some very fine entertainment, but proceeds raised for The Heart and Stroke Foundation tallied in the neighbourhood of $1,000.

Well done all!