Book I: The Crest

The Crest is a story of generations of soldiers who fought in very different wars; who believed in the greatness of their country, and the safety of their families and the women they loved. On the verge of World War II, Lange men were forced to revisit their loyalty to country and risk to family. Refusing enlistment was not an option.  At the end of each War, the Lange family focussed on rebuilding the family empire, while haunted by tragedy and loss.

‘THE CREST is the first book in the sweeping Prophecy historical saga that follows the fortunes of Gerhard as he tries to keep his family together and survive the upheaval and horrors of WW1, the inter-war years and WW2. The Lange family’s resilience and Gerhard’s determination to keep them together makes for a truly memorable story which will leave readers eager to read the next book in the series.’

IndieReader Discovery Awards

‘An intriguing view into the personal lives of a family in war-torn Europe in the first half of the twentieth century. Depicted are not only the usual scenes of domestic life – industry, tradition, loss and love, but also all this in the background of a fierce loyalty to culture and country which is slowly eroding.’

Henry Fast, Retired Educator