Book II: The Emerald

The Emerald is a story of generations of travellers forced to adapt as life changed around them. It starts in 1928, and follows the life of Punita Kota, whose family history can be traced back to ancient India. Her family was forced to flee Germany in 1939 to avoid Hitler’s round-up of aliens. By ship, she travelled to Amsterdam, where tragedy awaited. In De Wallen, Amsterdam’s famous Red Light District, she found employment, and her life took another turn.


THE EMERALD is the second in Jerena Tobiasen’s sprawling historical saga, The Prophecy, which follows the Kota family. Starting in 1928 this epic tale of one German family’s fight for survival is as heartbreaking as it is uplifting and a real emotional ride that will stay with readers long after they have turned the final page.

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The struggles of everyday life in a Europe ensconced in war and political unrest carry on in this second intriguing book of The Prophecy saga. The Emerald provides a close look into the lives of the nomadic Roma people as well as that of other undesirables in those difficult times. Critical to the plot is the lengths a mother and daughter go to, to survive when the war claims their loved ones!

Henry Fast, Retired Educator